About Us

Red River Mutual is a Manitoba based company with a sound financial base. We have been providing insurance protection on the Prairies for over 142 years and are committed to providing competitive insurance products and equitable claims settlements.

We value our relationships with the brokers that represent us in communities across the Prairies. Their knowledge and expertise ensure that you receive the best insurance coverage for your specific needs.

Red River Mutual is one of Canada’s largest policyholder-owned casualty insurance companies. With over 64,000 policyholders, our premium revenue exceeds $99.5 million. You can rest assured; we’ll be there when you need us.

Why Choose Red River Mutual

  • As a mutual, we have no stockholders. Policyholders own the company. This means we can focus on protecting people from loss rather than on generating stockholder returns.
  • Each policyholder is entitled to one vote at our annual meeting or any special meeting of members. You have a direct influence on decision-making affecting policyholders.
  • Our local presence and expertise allows us to customize our protection and loss coverage products. We work hard to understand our customers better than anyone else.
  • Profits generated by the company are returned to policyholders in the form of lower premiums and support of the community through loss prevention programs and investment.
  • We have a staff culture that rewards innovation and professional development. We continually strive to improve products and service delivery to policyholders and brokers.