Cyber Privacy Protection



As one of the leading insurance providers on the prairies, it’s our business is to protect policyholders from accidents, disasters and the unknown.

Today that means more than protecting your physical assets and business continuity. It means providing coverage that responds to two of the fastest growing threats – customer identity theft and commercial privacy breaches.

Cyber Privacy Protection

Our comprehensive Cyber Privacy Protection coverage has been built to suit the unique needs of our Commercial policyholders with valuable education, proactive protection, and incident remediation. We’ve partnered with CyberScout to provide dedicated expertise so you can safeguard the identity and privacy of your customers, members and employees. 

Key Benefits

  • 90-Day Retroactive Coverage
  • Claims Expertise from Experienced Professionals
  • Consultative Services from Privacy Breach Experts

How Red River Mutual is Protecting You

Data breaches occur with alarming frequency, and no business is immune to the effects that gaps in data security can have on the bottom line. Commercial policies issued by Red River Mutual will now include a base package of Cyber Privacy Protection.

Our upgraded Privacy Breach, Cyber Event Recovery and Cyber Event Liability coverage will help protect you against Data Ransom, Extortion and Blackmail, not to mention Regulatory Fines and Penalties. This optional upgraded coverage is available at an additional cost for Commercial policyholders who want to increase their First Party limits and add Third Party Cyber Event Liability coverage. 

Talk to your independent broker to learn more about our Cyber coverage.

Experienced a Privacy Breach?

The faster you respond to a privacy breach – or suspected breach – the better. Should you suspect a breach, contact your independent insurance broker immediately to report the issue. A qualified Privacy Breach Expert will be in touch to guide you through the process of getting back to normal. 



Download — Cyber Privacy Protection Brochure

Download — Cyber Privacy Protection Info Sheet