What to Do if Loss Occurs

If you have experienced a loss that you believe may be covered by your policy, it is important to take steps that may help to reduce your loss and make your claims process run smoothly.

1. Secure your property to reduce further damage

  • Water damage—Shut off the water supply and remove excess water, lift personal property off the floor
  • Exposed roof decking—Have the exposed area covered to prevent further water damage
  • Split door jamb—Secure the door
  • Frozen pipes—Restore heat

2. Notify authorities

In cases of theft, burglary, robbery, vandalism, malicious acts or mysterious disappearance of property, you will need to:

  • Notify the police or authorities having jurisdiction
  • Supply Red River Mutual with information about the circumstances of the claim, as well as reasonable evidence to support the amount claimed
  • Supply Red River Mutual with an accurate description of the items damaged or stolen, where and when they were acquired, and the cost to replace each item

3. Report all property and liability losses

  • Report your claim as soon as possible. Choose any of the following to make a claim:
    • Complete our on-line claim form
    • Speak directly to your broker
    • Telephone Red River Mutual Head Office at 1-800-370-2888
    • Telephone our Emergency Claims Service at 1-204-324-4269
    • Fax your broker
    • Fax Red River Mutual Head Office at 1-866-277-1341
    • E-mail our claims office Red River Mutual Head Office
  • As soon as the claim is received in our office, we will assign a claims specialist
  • The claims specialist will contact you within 24 hours to assist you with the claims process

4. Livestock losses

  • Contact a veterinarian*
  • Request a necropsy report stating the cause of death

*if the loss was caused by an insured peril of the policy, Red River Mutual will cover the associated veterinary fee.