The Modern Mutual

As the Modern Mutual, we have a strong commitment to ‘Community’. Our ‘Community’ includes every place that Red River Mutual does business.

Our goal is to define Red River Mutual as the ‘Modern Mutual’. The two main functions of a Modern Mutual are community involvement and loss prevention.

The Firefighters’ Burn Fund Fire Safety Trailer Program was launched in 2011.

This program has seen brand new fire safety trailers distributed to fire departments and mutual aid districts across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The trailers are used by firefighters to help teach children how to detect dangers in their home and how to react if a fire occurs.

    • Major Sponsorship – Red River Mutual is proud to be a major sponsor of the Winnipeg Jets. Together with several brokers, as part of our co-op advertising program, Red River Mutual will be featured in both concourse signage and program advertising.
    • Local Involvement – We direct a significant amount of our charitable support to grassroots projects in the communities we serve.
    • Staff-Directed Initiatives – The team at Red River Mutual is very engaged in the community. We support employee charitable efforts through financial sponsorship and by allowing paid time away from the office to perform volunteer work projects.

If you wish to submit a proposal for sponsorship, please e-mail Dana Oftedal, for more information.