At Red River Mutual, we live in Farm Country.

This provides us with the expertise to create customized farm policies for any size operation. Whether it’s a small mixed farm, a livestock operation, or a large grain and oilseed farm, Red River Mutual has products for every type of operator.

Our Farm policies provide coverage for your Farm Dwelling and Personal Property, Outbuildings, Livestock, Machinery and Farm Liability. We also offer a wide variety of additional farm coverages to ensure that all your farm insurance needs are met.

We Care About Our Policyholders

Becoming a Red River Mutual policyholder provides more than just loss coverage for your farming operation. As a policyholder, what you’re getting is:

Assurance – You’re part of a reliable, financially sound company with a long history of protecting our policyholders.

Protection – Our Loss Prevention Program will help you make your work environment a safer one. Our evaluations and recommendations help reduce the risk of loss and, ultimately, save you money on your premiums.

Assistance – If a loss does occur, you can expect:

  • A response from a skilled claims professional within 24 hours of your call
  • A clear overview of the claims process prior to inspection
  • Regular communication until the claim is complete
  • A fair and equitable outcome

Ownership – As a mutual company, each policyholder is an owner. That means our products must first take into account value for the owner. When we realize a profit, our policyholders benefit through lower premiums, charitable support to important community projects and improved services.

Prairie Farms Grain Package

There are over 25,000 Oilseed & Grain Farms across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Red River Mutual’s comprehensive Prairie Farms Grain Package is uniquely designed specifically the large grain farm operator, filling in the gaps left by the traditional farm policy. 

Package highlights include:

  • Blanket coverage on all buildings, including bins
  • Blanket machinery coverage with 60-month Replacement Cost / Limited Depreciation
  • Farm Equipment Breakdown coverage
  • Comprehensive Farm Liability with Employer’s Liability Extension included for operations with less than $100,000 payroll