Farm Policy Wordings

Farm Insurance Policy Wordings

Your complete policy is made up of this wordings booklet and the Coverage Summary Page(s) provided to you.

This policy is written in plain and easy to understand language. Red River Mutual encourages you to read it and consult with your Broker if you have any questions.

The Farm Insurance Policy has two sections
Section I – Property Coverages
Section II – Liability Coverage

The Policy Conditions, Statutory Conditions, and General Conditions set out at the back of the wordings booklet apply to all sections of the policy.

Insurance cannot be a source of profit. It is only designed to indemnify you against actual losses or expenses incurred by you or for which you are legally liable.

Click Here to download – Your Farm Insurance Policy Wording Booklet (Effective August 1, 2015)

Click here to download – Your Farm Insurance Policy Wordings Booklet (Effective until July 31, 2015)