Prairie Farms Grain Package

Red River Mutual’s comprehensive Grain Package is uniquely designed for you, the large grain farm operator, filling in the gaps left by the traditional farm policy.

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  • Primarily Grain Farming Operation
  • Minimum 3,500 acres owned or rented
  • Must have at least one person (or group) assigned to Safety Protocols / Loss Prevention
  • All farm buildings must be insured
  • Satisfactory claims history

Deductible and Discounts

The standard deductible for this Package is $2,500. Discounts are available for deductibles $10,000 and higher.


  • 3-year Claims Free 15%
  • $10,000 Deductible 7%

Description of Coverages


Blanket Coverage on All Agricultural Buildings including grain bins.

  • All Risk / Replacement Cost on all buildings
    • Less than 50 years – all steel
    • Less than 30 years – wood frame
    • 90% co-insurance
  • Fire and E/C – ACV for all older buildings
    • 80% co-insurance
  • Co-Ins Waiver ($10,000 or 2%)
  • No Dent Clause
  • Inflation Guard Endorsement applies to Buildings insured on Replacement Cost basis
  • Mortgage Rate Guarantee applies to Buildings insured on Replacement Cost basis

Other Coverages:

  • Blanket All Risk coverage on Agricultural Machinery / Grain Dryers including Replacement Cost up to 60 months old. Limited Depreciation Coverage on Equipment over 60 months old.
  • Blanket All Risk Replacement Cost on Tools, Equipment & Repair Supplies, not limited by age.
  • ATV’s covered under Blanket Agricultural Machinery if not subject to registration (Liability extension available)
  • Co-Ins Waiver on Agricultural Machinery ($10,000 or 2%)
  • Blanket coverage on Fertilizer / Chemicals / Pesticides / Herbicides (no signs of forced entry for Theft coverage at principal farm location)
  • Blanket coverage on Threshed Grain / Produce (no signs of forced entry for Theft coverage at principal farm location)

Enhanced Farm Coverage Endorsement

Accident Insurance $5,000
Arson Conviction Reward $10,000
Blanket By-Laws Coverage $20,000
Computer Coverage $10,000
Corrals and Fencing Coverage $5,000
Cost of Preparing Proof of Loss $10,000
Cost of Restoring Farm Operation Records $5,000
Cross Liability Coverage Included
Damage to Building by Burglary or Robbery $10,000
Debris Removal 5%
Exhibition Coverage $10,000
Extra Expense $25,000
Farm Office Furnishings and Equipment $10,000
Farm Sign Coverage $10,000
Farm Water System Coverage $10,000
Fertilizer, Chemicals, Pesticides or Herbicides $100,000
Fire Department Charges $25,000
Fuel and Fuel Tank Coverage $10,000
Good Neighbour Coverage $10,000
Newly Acquired or Newly Constructed Agricultural Property
a. Newly Acquired or Constructed Agricultural Buildings $500,000
b. Newly Acquired or Leased Agricultural Machinery and Equipment $250,000
c. Newly Acquired Livestock $5,000/animal, $10,000/occurrence
Pollutant Clean up and Removal Expense $10,000
Private Power and Light poles $5,000
Property in the Custody of a Common Carrier $15,000
Stacked Hay, Straw & Feed $5,000
Standing Crop Coverage  
Hay & Straw $20,000
Grain & Seed $20,000
Valuable Papers $10,000
Veterinarian Supply Coverage $5,000

Ag Equipment Breakdown Coverage

  • Provides coverage for damage caused by mechanical breakdown, electrical or electronic breakdown or rupture to pressure vessels, mechanical, electrical or electronic equipment.
  • Includes coverage for GPS equipment in Mobile Agricultural Equipment, Pollutant Clean Up and Removal, Expediting Expenses, Spoilage Coverage, Refrigerant Contamination, CFC Refrigerant replacement, Computer Equipment, Service Interruption, Livestock / Poultry, and Drying Out Coverage


  • $5,000,000 BI & PD coverage
  • $25,000 Voluntary Medical Payments coverage
  • $5,000 Voluntary Property Damage coverage ($1,000 Property Damage Deductible)
  • $5,000,000 Non-Owned Auto extension
  • Trade Show Liability
  • Employers Liability up to $100,000 payroll (coverage optional for higher payroll)
  • ATV Liability available (may be subject to sub-limit / contact Underwriting)

Consider Adding These Extras

  • Homeowners Package (and all coverages associated therewith such as Personal Articles Floater, etc.)
  • Home Equipment Breakdown Endorsement
  • Seasonal Properties
  • Livestock
  • Private Grain Elevators Seed Cleaning operations coverage available (subject to inspection and Underwriter approval)
  • Seed Growers Limited Liability Endorsement (subject to inspection)



Download — Prairie Farms Grain Package Brochure