Social Media Content Boundary Policy

“Red River Mutual endeavors to use social media what it is best for: being social and communicating with fans and followers.  It is our guiding principle that we should seek to participate in the conversation, and not simply censor anything we don’t agree with.  We want to have real conversations with you, our policyholders and partners.”

Even with this open attitude about Social Media we also reserve the right to manage our social media spaces if certain types of content do appear.

The following are not permitted on our social experiences and we will remove and/or address this content whenever we encounter it as we see fit:

  1. Hateful posts of any kind
  2. Threats of violence, bullying, harassment or intimidation
  3. Indecent, lewd, sexual or pornographic comments or content
  4. SPAM – Commercial solicitations
  5. Abuse or misrepresentation of Copyrighted materials
  6. Privacy Disclosure Violations
  7. Endorsement of unlawful behaviour

Private information about yourself or others as it may or may not relate to our business transactions with you.  Social networks are not a safe forum for you to share these details – contact us privately with this kind of information.

External Policies

In addition to RRM’s Social Media Content Boundary Policies, we encourage you to also refer to (and familiarize yourself with) these popular social network’s policies detailing out their idea of appropriate and inappropriate types of content.

  1. Facebook:
  2. Twitter: