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Red River Mutual Donates $5,000 to the Canadian Red Cross for Alberta Fires

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Red River Mutual today announced that it will contribute $5,000 to the Canadian Red Cross for its Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal.

The country has watched as massive wildfires have triggered one of the largest fire-related evacuations in Canadian history, with more than 80,000 individuals displaced due to evacuation orders.

“As a property and casualty insurance company, Red River Mutual understands first-hand the plight of those displaced by fire,” said Brian Esau, President and CEO. “Our hearts go out to those affected by these catastrophic losses and commend the tireless efforts of the volunteers and emergency response personnel on the frontline helping to protect the safety of the residents.”

The donation will help provide relief for those affected in the form of emergency food, clothing, shelter, personal services, and other necessities that assist with recovery and resiliency.

About Red River Mutual

As a Canadian mutual company, Red River Mutual is owned by its policyholders. With over 64,000 policyholders, our premium revenue exceeds $91.8 million. Red River Mutual is a Prairie Success story having protected families, farms, and businesses on the Prairies since 1875. Red River Mutual is committed to providing competitive insurance products and equitable claims service in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Red River Mutual emulates the Modern Mutual by investing a portion of company profits back into the community through loss prevention and through the support of worthy community projects.


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