Condo Owner Policies

In addition to all types of coverage provided in our regular package policies, our Condominium Unit Owners Package Policies* also include the following at no additional charge:

Improvements and betterments
We will pay for an additional amount, of up to 100% of the amount of insurance on your personal property, for improvements and betterments you make to the unit.

Loss Assessment Coverage
Covers special assessments levied against the unit-owner made necessary by direct loss or damage of collectively-owned condominium property. Coverage applies only when the loss is the result of an insured peril covered by the policy. Coverage is limited to 250% of the personal property limit.

Condominium Additional Coverage
Up to 250% of the amount of coverage is also included for payment if the condominium corporation has no insurance or its insurance is inadequate or is not effective.

Legal Liability
Under our loss assessment coverage we will pay up to a total of the limit of the legal liability coverage for your share of special assessments.

* This coverage also applies to life lease occupancies.