Water Protection Coverage

We are pleased to introduce the Water Protection Coverage which provides homeowners with the piece of mind knowing that they are covered in case of Overland Water, Ground Water or Sewer-Back-Up damage.

In terms of property damage, floods are considered the costliest natural disasters in Canada. Water Protection Coverage provides flexible options for homeowners to meet their water protection needs ensuring they are covered before water damage occurs.

This coverage will not be available for Saskatchewan risks as this point in time but will be made available at a later date.

Water Protection Coverage Options:

We understand that you want to ensure you have the best coverage available, at the right price. Red River Mutual offers you affordable options for Water Protection Coverage:

Sewer Back-Up

Sewer Back-Up Coverage

Red River Mutual still continues to offer its stand-alone Sewer Back-Up Coverage product to homeowners, to help cover losses caused by sewer back-up, septic, or sump pumps.

Overland Water Damage

Overland Water Damage Coverage

Overland Water Damage Coverage provides enhanced protection against loss caused by either the rising or overflow of a body of fresh water or due to a torrential rainfall or snow melt. It enhances the water protection for homeowners with Sewer Back-Up protection already in place.

Ground Water Coverage

Ground Water Damage Coverage

Ground Water Damage Coverage provides additional protection against loss caused by ground water. It can be added as a coverage for homeowners who already have Sewer Back-Up and Overland Water Damage in place.



Download — Water Protection Coverage Brochure